Quality means consistently exceeding customer expectations in terms of quick response, product performance, flexibility and timely delivery while maintaining high efficiency and productivity at competitive cost with optimum utilization of resources. We shall achieve this through accurate and effective open communication internally and externally, training all the employees to meet quality targets and continuously improving quality systems, products and working conditions.

We understand that when products are not delivered on time and with high quality, the supply chain is greatly affected. At PT.Laxmirani Mitra Garmindo, our Quality Assurance team works seamlessly with our production departments to ensure that products are inspected while not hindering the production line. We also employ an independent QA audit team to inspect all processes and output to guarantee and ensure that no problem is left unattended. At PT.Laxmirani Mitra Garmindo,  we set up counteracting procedures. Be assured that we will make every effort possible to deliver Quality on Time. 

PT.Laxmirani Mitra Garmindo has its own in house testing site which includes a comprehensive list of testing machinery which meets laboratory benchmarks. We have dryers, washers which can examine how our garments react in wash-dry situations. In addition, we have a Gretag Macbeth Spectra light system and pull test machine. 

The effective operation of our quality management system is the responsibility of all employees and management. Therefore we shall understand and adhere with full dedication and commitment to the company’s quality policy.